Items for sale and free

I keep a stock of various new and second-hand botanically related items for sale as a service to local botanists. I look out for good value items, then sell these for what they cost me; I don't make any profit on them and don't charge for the time I spend sourcing them. Consequently all items are sold "as seen", but I will replace any new item that proves to be defective in workmanship provided it is returned to me in otherwise good order within a reasonable time after purchase.

I don't do postal deliveries; please email me to arrange either to collect goods at a Hampshire Flora Group meeting or to collect from my home in Chandlers Ford. The full range will also be available at the annual Hampshire BSBI / Flora Group exhibition meeting in the winter.


10x 18mm Lens: this is a basic, serviceable, triplet glass lens in a rubber mounting folding into an aluminium housing that incorporates a lanyard attachment loop.
£2.50 each

10x 21mm Lens: a good quality triplet glass lens with a wide field of view in a metal mounting and housing that incorporates a lanyard attachment loop.
£6.00 each

Dual 10x 18mm Lens and 20x 12mm Lens: a good quality triplet glass 10x lens and 5-element glass 20x lens, in a metal mounting and housing. No lanyard attachment loop, but a lanyard can be attached round the hinge post of the 20x lens with only a small amount of cursing, and is then secure and serviceable.
£6.50 each

Lanyard: cloth lanyard with a detachable plastic clip to the cord mounting, and a metal split ring to attach to the lens.
£2.00 each

New books

Akeroyd: BSBI Handbook 3: Docks and Knotweeds of Britain and Ireland, 2nd edition, BSBI 2014

I sometimes have small stocks of other new BSBI Handbooks at pre-publication prices at the time when they appear. Please ask about specific titles.

Second-hand books

Stace: Field Flora of the British Isles, Cambridge University Press, 1999.
Unfortunately this now seems to be unobtainable except at lunatic prices. There are second-hand booksellers who appear to be cornering and exploiting the market.

Clapham, Tutin and Warburg: Excursion Flora of the British Isles, 3rd edition, Cambridge University Press, 1981.
£4.50. OK, so its taxonomy doesn't have all the latest changes and it doesn't include all the naturalised species that Stace has, but many of us still find CTW's field keys and descriptions highly clear and practical for the amateur botanist. Several copies, very good condition with original dust-jacket, clean uncreased pages, tight binding.

Stace: New Flora of the British Isles, 1st edn., Cambridge University Press, 1991.
£7. Signed copy with extra removable plastic waterproof cover, slight staining to page edges but otherwise in good order. Perhaps of mainly historic interest now, but could be of interest to someone just moving into use of a more technical Flora.

Mitchell: Field Guide to the Trees of Britain and Northern Europe, Collins, 1974.
£3. Undamaged and with few signs of wear. Still a good guide to native and introduced tree species and with some advantages over the later, and more comprehensive, Collins guide by Johnson and More.

The following books have been generously donated by Roger Veall, who has had to quit his botanical activities. Proceeds of sales will be shared between the Woodland Trust and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. The three early BSBI Handbooks are worn but intact, undamaged and perfectly usable. The rest are all close to 'As New' except for a few marginalia.

Tutin: BSBI Handbook 2: Umbellifers of the British Isles, BSBI 1980

Lousley & Kent: BSBI Handbook 3: Docks and Knotweeds of the British Isles, 1st edition, BSBI 1981

Moore: BSBI Handbook 5: Charophytes of Great Britain and Ireland, BSBI 1986

Lansdown: BSBI Handbook 11: Water-starworts (Callitriche) of Europe, BSBI 2008

Cope & Gray: BSBI Handbook 13: Grasses of the British Isles, BSBI 2009

Polan & Clement: Vegetative Key to the British Flora, BSBI 2009

Smith: The Moss Flora of Britain and Ireland, 2nd edition with further corrections, CUP 2006