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Pulmonaria officinalis

Lungwort Pulmonaria officinalis naturalising on a road bank in Cranbury Park near Hursley. Hampshire is well-known for its native populations of Narrow-leaved Lungwort Pulmonaria longifolia, but Pulmonaria officinalis is the most commonly recorded of several Lungworts that also turn up in the wild. Bethlehem-sage Pulmonaria saccharata is just as widely grown and is also escaping. As it's not given in most of the floras and field guides, it may be under-recorded and P. officinalis over-recorded for it. Look out for large silvery "panes" on the leaves rather than spots, and lower leaves that are not heart-shaped at the base.

The early-flowering Red Lungwort Pulmonaria rubra, with dull red flowers, is only rarely seen outside gardens so far. A couple of others to look out for are the rather similar cultivars 'Mawson's Blue' and the very widely sold 'Blue Ensign' with intense blue flowers and unmarked leaves.